is the brainstorming process bull s*#@?

Cliff Kuang is the founding editor of Co.Design. His recent article argues and reflects about the creative brainstorming process and how it really does not make people more creative. He pulls from two articles that talk about the creative process and what works and does not. The first article claims that individuals are more creative and are able to come up with more ideas versus being in a group. The article claims that people deal with many anxieties in a group and not all their ideas are heard, which I believe can be agreed upon. Cliff’s article later argues that criticism is necessary in the group development and brainstorming period. Ideas are critically examined and questioned by the group, thus the group can then reframe the idea which forces us to think more critically. It is also argued that instead of conjuring up ideas, bring up the problems that exist. Humans have a much easier time  critically thinking about problems versus creating new ideas. The article also looks at the spaces and environments that creativity occurs best. Read the article to see more about the best spaces to be a brainstorming guru.


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